Sunday, 3 September 2017

Quotes To Make You Want To Go To Italy


Are you dying to go to Italy but need a little nudge to push you over that booking-edge? Or perhaps you have your mind set already, but need to convince a certain someone to take that trip with you?

Whatever your reasons, this post is for you - with photos, stories, reasons and of course plenty of lovely travel quotes, this post will have you book a trip to Italy in no time:

1. A Man Who Has Not Been In Italy, Is Always Conscious Of An Inferiority. 

This quote about Italy by Samuel Johnson couldn't be more perfect (okay he could change man to person to be less sexist, but he was born in 1709 so I guess we'll let him off). The point is, if you haven't yet been to Italy, you consciously, or perhaps even subconsciously, feel there's something missing from your life - that thing is Italy.

2. I Was Offered A Free Villa In Hollywood, But I Said No Thank You, I Prefer To Live In Italy

You haven't properly lived until you've woken up in an Italian countryside villa, which this quote by famous composer Ennio Morricone seems to agree with. Having been born in Rome, Morricone is perhaps slightly biased - but then again perhaps not. As the quote implies, he could have chosen to live anywhere in the world - but he chose Italy. 

You haven't had an authentic perfect break until you've had a stay in an Italian villa in the countryside - the views, the comfort, the weather, amazing. A trip to a nearby vineyard or olive grove is an absolute must - there may even be one on your land! And if you choose your villa in Sicily, you won't be short on fresh lemons!

3. In Italy, They Add Work And Life Onto Food And Wine

There are many, many, many quotes about Italian food and wine, but this one by Robin Leach is probably the best. Food and wine really aren't just sustenance in Italy - they are the highlights of the day. Italian's really care about their food and it shows, it's simply delicious! And it's not all meat and cheese either - it's even possible to be vegan in Italy!

4.  History Is Not A Nightmare From Which I Am Trying To Awaken, But Rather, A Glorious Tale Which I Wish To Be Cast In  

Italian history is absolutely fascinating. This quote from Pietros Maneos highlights this, though I'm not sure I agree with him about wanting to dive into it! Imagine the horrors that would have awaited you in the Colosseum!  Although it must have been absolutely dreadful, it's still amazing to see the Colosseum today - purely from an architectural view, can you believe it's been around for over almost two thousand years ago :O 

In some ways it looks almost untouched, though you will notice that one quarter is shorter than the others and the reason why is interesting - the Colosseum was given to four separate contractors who each had a quarter. The fourth contractor was cheap and cut edges, and when there was an earthquake that part fell down! 

5. I Love The Language, It Sounds As If It Should Be Writ On Satin With Syllables Which Breathe Of The Sweet South  
Surely anyone and everyone who has heard Italian will agree with the writer of this quote - George Gordon Noel Byron. Italian is one of the sweetest languages to listen to, and as it turns out one of the easiest to learn too: not only does it have much simpler grammar than English, English also shares many Latin routes with Italian - thus there are many similar, if not the same, words. 

Even those who have never learnt a language should find Italian a doodle - all you need is an open mind, an open heart and be willing to learn!

6. You May Have The Universe If I May Have Italy

A simply quote about Italy by Giuseppe Verdi but valid nonetheless. There's a certain charm about Italy that even the masses of tourists can't destroy. It's a place unique and like no other place on earth, a place that stands on its own merits.  

7. Love And Understand The Italians, For The People Are More Marvellous Than The Land 

This lovely quote by E. M. Forster is probably the truest quote we've written today. Yes Italy is absolutely gorgeous with it's stunning hills and mountains, it's pretty trees, it's breathtaking beaches, it's fantastic architecture. But Italy would be nothing, and I mean nothing, without Italians. 

You'll find it hard to find a more generous, caring, kind, considerate group of people anywhere on the planet - and best of all? They love to share they're delicious food ;)   

8. One Of The Greatest Joys Of Travelling Through Italy Is Discovering Firsthand That It Is, Indeed, A Dream Destination

Another great quote about Italy is by Debra Levinson, and it's so true. There's nothing worse than dreaming about a country, finally getting there and finding out it doesn't meet your expectations. But as Levinson implies and we can concur - Italy won't just met your expectations, it will exceed them, and then some. It truly is a dream destination and I honestly doubt any soul could go there and not fall in love. 

9. Italy Is A Dream That Keeps Returning For The Rest Of Your Life

Anna Akhmatova has it right here too. But perhaps this is a curse - beware once you've been to Italy that won't be it, you'll find yourself returning year upon year - you'll want to discover new parts, and revisit old parts. From the great cities of Rome, Florence, Venice and Naples to tiny unnamed villages, trust me you're going to love it all. 

10. I Love Places That Have An Incredible History. I Love The Italian Way Of Life. I Love The Food. I Love The People. I Love The Attitudes Of Italians.

This quote by Elton John About Italy summarises nicely everything we have said in this post about Italy: the people, the food, the history, the attitudes, the food. (Yes I said food twice, it gets double points). 

But the real quote now should come from you - go to Italy yourself and bring us back some more inspirational quotes to make others go to Italy!