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5 Surprisingly Good Things to come from Buenos Aires

5 Surprisingly Good Things to come from Buenos Aires 

Photo credit: Nestor 

Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina, is perhaps not a destination many people would intrinsically associate with culture. Off the top of your head, it’s likely you’d struggle to think of anything originating from the area. Today however, we’re going to dispel that myth and take a look at five surprisingly good things that come from Buenos Aires. 

1. Wines 

Photo credit: Ecuardo

In the southern region of Buenos Aires, the production of wine has become increasingly popular since the turn of the century.  

Medanos is a particularly prominent area when it comes to wine production, with the vineyards there growing grapes in sandy soil over a limestone plate. 

The somewhat unique nature of this production has seen the province quickly become one of the leading names in South America for wine exportation.  

 2. Burgers  

From the incredibly classy, to the little more down-to-earth – traditional beef burgers have become a surprising hit in Buenos Aires in the past half-century.  

Arguably the most poignant eatery to include on this list comes in the form of Mi Barrio Hamburgueseriawhich serves twelve individual burgers representing the twelve neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires 

A personal favourite is the Palermo burger. This sees cheddar, pancetta, caramelised onions and a fried egg piled on top of a beefy base. Does it get any tastier? 

3. Café Ortado  
Owing to the huge amount of Italian emigration to Argentina, the South American nation now have a strong penchant for brewing delicious blends. 

A favourite from the city comes in the form of the café ortadoan espresso ‘cut’ with a small amount of hot milk and best served with medialunas – small sweet croissants.  

This particular beverage is a favourite in the city and slowly becoming more popular across the globe as a whole.  

 4. Cocktails  

Another surprising treat from Buenos Aires comes in the form of the multitude of cocktails served up in most areas 

There are all sorts of bars and pubs which offer unique flavours, but the Verne Club is debatably the best for homemade treats. 

The club, named after French poet Jules Verne, serves up a selection of unique drinks specific to the establishment – including an absinthe tasting board and a group of cocktails paying homage to Phileas Fogg’s world travels.  

You won’t be able to find these specific mixes anywhere else, so they’re worth trying when you’re there.  

5. Beef  
Photo credit: April

Argentina has become famed for its beef production in recent years, with Buenos Aires certainly no exception to that trend.  

There are all sorts of different cuts available, with the city serving as one of the leading producers of bovine meat in the nation.  

While it can’t compare to the gigantic Las Pampas plains, there’s still plenty of beef available to be had from the capital.  

There you have it; five surprisingly good things to come out of Buenos Aires. Why not try some of these when you’re next in the province? 

Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by our guest writer Sarah, all photos are from Flickr, all opinions are Love Travel Quotes own, as always.