Thursday, 8 December 2016

5 Solo Adventures to Try Abroad


Traveling abroad is always a lot of fun, especially when you take the time to enjoy it on a motorcycle. Before you try any of the following solo adventures yourself, make sure you’ve secured some common motorcycle parts in case of a minor break down. Bike Bandit has all of the Yamaha oem parts you could possibly need, and the prices won’t cause you to rethink your trip. You’re also going to want to make sure you shop around to find the best budget motorcycle boots you can because a ride this epic, the last thing you want is to take your worn down and tattered boots. Here are 5 adventures that should be on the top of every motorcycle enthusiasts list.

Italy is an entire country that was made for riding your bike. Case in point, the Amalfi Coast road. You’ll travel from Naples to Salerno and be surrounded cliffs, crags, beaches and the sweet yet salty air from the sea. Locals call it the road of a thousand bends, and they are not kidding. The views are amazing and the ride is one of the most exhilarating adventures you will ever have.

The Antrin coast road in Northern Ireland is likely one of the best rides in the world. It is 60 miles of pure awesomeness. This is where it all started for Joey Dunlop and the NW200 calls this stretch of road home. At numerous points along the road, you will be driving so close to the coast that you will actually feel like you are driving across the sea itself. Biking is worshipped by the locals and the area itself has often been called the biker’s Mecca. 

Spain is home to beautiful countryside and traveling from Cabo de Data on your motorcycle to Granada is nothing short of magical. From volcanic cliffs to wide-open canyons with mesas the size of buildings, it is easy to see why the film The Good, The Bad and The Ugly was shot here. Nothing soothes the soul like gazing off at the snow kissed peaks of the Sierra Nevada with the wind in your face.

Ever hear of the Furka Pass? Shame on you, if you haven’t. This is a dream for any biker who likes to open up the throttle and let it all hang out. The road slithers it's way up a vertical mountain side. Motorcyclists have the top section of a tunnel that was recently built all to themselves, giving them the chance to really test their mettle. Just make sure you stop to take in the view of the glacier summit, otherwise you’ll have missed the best part of the trip. It is important to note that the road will have numerous patches of ice, so it might be a good idea to have some spare motorcycle parts in case you take a spill and need to make some adjustments to your bike.


Last but definitely not least is the roadway between Bergen and Geiranger. Follow E39 and you’ll soon find yourself lost in scenery that comes straight out of the movies. Between sheer cliffs and the spray from several waterfalls, this is a ride you will want to take your time to enjoy. If this is not on your bucket list of places to ride, you need a new bucket list.